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  • Shoulder Season Sipping: Late Summer and Early Autumn Wines to Pair and Pour, Part Two

    In our previous article on what we call “shoulder-season sipping” we suggested a white and a rosé wine for late summer and early fall. You know the season—still too warm for wool, but cool enough to keep a sweater handy. … more

  • Shoulder Season Sipping: Late Summer and Early Autumn Wines to Pair and Pour, Part One

    Just as wardrobes change with seasons, many oenophiles—wine-lovers to you and me–turn to different kinds of wines to go with different weather. Spring feels made for light, fresh wine, and winter feels made for hearty reds. Late autumn brings Oktoberfest, … more

  • Borrowed Time: Tips for Large-Scale Dinner Parties

    Here are a few suggestions we’ve acquired on our own hospitality journey and are passing on to help make your next large-scale dinner party an even greater success. Un-Matched Point You have table service for eight, and you’d like to … more

  • Say Cheese, Please: Understanding the Basics, Part Two

    In another article we discussed the qualities – such as moisture content and texture – that distinguish types of cheese. Here, we’re talking about how to store and serve your delicious cheese selections. Storing Cheese Cheese should be stored in … more

  • The Cheese Doesn’t Stand Alone: Assembling a Cheese Plate, Part Two

    In the first part of this article, we talked with Jacquelyn Buchanan, Culinary Director at Laura Chenel’s Chèvre, about how to assemble a cheese platter. In this part, we’ll discuss accompaniments with Janne Rasmussen of Cypress Grove Chèvre. A good … more

  • The Wine Label Mysteries: Decoding a Wine Label, Part Two

    In the first part of this article, we discussed two essential pieces of information on a wine label: the producer (the “brand,” if you will) and the vintage. In this article, we’ll discuss four other pieces of information that are … more

  • Pairs & Partners: 5 Easy Food and Wine Pairing Tips

    One of our favorite things about wine is that, when paired with the right foods, the combination seems to make the entire dining experience just that much better. Traditionally, there have been some standardized rules to guide consumers in their … more

  • Bar Builder: Handy Tips for Creative Mixology

    Raising the Bar Creating a full cocktail bar can be expensive, so build your bar over time. Start with the liquors, liqueurs and mixers needed for your personal favorites. Then ask new guests in advance what they like to drink, … more

  • In the Bier Garten: Serving the Suds

    Making Beer Sense Beer falls into two main categories: ales and lagers. Ales are fermented at warmer temperatures, with the yeast floating at the top of the fermentation tank. They are aged for a few weeks, and are often served … more

  • Raising the Barista: A Cupful of Coffee Tips

    Budget Barista It’s easy to enjoy lattes, espressos and cappuccinos at home without investing in the money and counter space for a fancy automatic espresso machine. Invest instead in a convenient stove top espresso maker and frothing wand, and you’ll … more

  • Fit for a Feast: Experience Today’s Lamb

    Lamb is one of those foods that people seem to love or hate – no middle ground. Folks in the “hate it” camp were typically traumatized somewhere in their formative years with an overwhelmingly pungent bite of lamb, and they’ve … more

  • Profile Picks: Decoding Wine Varietals

    In a previous article, we wrote about Decoding the Wine Label. Here we focus on decoding wine grape varietals. There are seven grape varietals that you are likely to run into when scouring the wine shelves: Reds: syrah, cabernet sauvignon, merlot … more

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