Bar Builder: Handy Tips for Creative Mixology

Raising the Bar

Creating a full cocktail bar can be expensive, so build your bar over time. Start with the liquors, liqueurs and mixers needed for your personal favorites. Then ask new guests in advance what they like to drink, and add to your bar as you entertain. Liquor has a long shelf life, so buy the best quality you can afford and enjoy it over time.

Drink Smarts

Keep a drink reference guide near the bar set-up so you can easily look up your guests’ favorites and be the host with the most. Check out The Ultimate Bar Book by Mittie Hellmich.

Signature Line

Make your bar even more distinctive and create your own house cocktail. Design a variation on the one served at your wedding, or come up with new ones for special parties. Homemade infused syrups, fresh juices, herbs, even flowers, shaken or stirred, let your creativity and personality pour!

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