Stainless Steel Cookie Cooling Racks

Metal Cooking Racks & Stainless Steel Baking Tools

Choose cooling racks with steel wire construction for long lasting durability. Find cookie cooling racks, with a nonstick coating, that allow foods to release with ease. Our metal cooling racks are available in generous sizes large enough to hold a pan of muffins or a dish of Potatoes au Gratin. Find baking tools from the Anolon Advanced Bakeware collection for cooking everything from a special cake to a weekday casserole.

Find cooling racks by Anolon to make kitchen life easier. Our durable cookie cooling racks have a lattice design to help keep hot cookies in one piece until they are ready to enjoy.

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Cooling racks are wonderful baking tools that allow fresh-from-the-oven baked goods to cool to the preferred serving temperature.

Anolon Advanced Bakeware cooling racks add convenience to a multitude of oven cooking tasks. These cookie cooling racks give cooks a great tool for cooling baked treats and main course dishes. Metal cooking racks with a lattice design prevent cookies from slipping through the grates and breaking when removed. Use these and other baking tools by Anolon for the best results when making a special dessert or meal.

Cooling racks constructed of steel wire are built to hold up to everyday use. Cookie cooling racks with nonstick surfaces allow pastries and other baked goods to lift off with ease to make a great presentation. These metal cooking racks are available in generous sizes to hold a pan of baked manicotti or a batch of oatmeal cookies. Choose baking tools by Anolon, from measuring cups to cake pans, for professional quality bakeware.
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