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  • Buffalo Burger with Harvest Relish

    It’s hard to go back to buying ground meat for making burgers when you've started making your own using your meat of choice. You can control the amount of fat, mix meats, add flavors and make the grind as coarse or fine as you like.

  • Mango and Kiwi Pavlova

    There is ongoing rivalry between the Australians and New Zealanders as to who ‘owns’ the pavlova.

  • Lemon, Lime and Bitters

    A popular drink in Australia, often called the drink you have when you’re not having a drink – its palate cleansing and fresh, wonderful as an aperitif or just thirst quenching beverage. Normally made with lime syrup and soda, I prefer this method with real lemons and limes. It’s one you make and taste as you go to find the blend that best suits your palate.

  • Steak Sandwich with Caramelized Red Wine Tomato Relish

    Steak sandwiches are an Australian classic, usually enjoyed outdoors or on the beach, followed by a solid game of touch footy! I’ve brought this one a little up-market by caramelizing the tomatoes with some aromatic red wine – make sure you enjoy the wine with the dish too! For me, it will be the big jammy Mt Langi Ghiran Shiraz!

  • Macadamia Shortbread

    Who’d have thought you could make a rich mouth melting shortbread with no butter or butter substitutes – enter the wonderful macadamia! Its texture and flavor are all it takes to make this shortbread buttery rich, with a delightful subtle crunch and nutty flavor – and much healthier with the macadamia’s high content of monounsaturated oils.

  • Rosemary and Lemon Australian Lamb Rack with Mushrooms and Spinach

    Large moist lamb racks are separated into chops and filled with a goat cheese, rosemary and lemon mixture then baked so the cheese melts into the meat. Served on a simple bed of spinach and mushrooms.

  • Pea and Sweet Corn Soup Shooters with Truffles

    Ingredients for this unusual duo of bright green and yellow soups are available at specialty food stores. This is a lovely way to show off the vivid colors of summer vegetables.

  • Pikelet and Latke Canapés with Cured Salmon and Truffles

    A pikelet is a small, unsweetened pancake used in Australian cuisine. Latkes are potato pancakes; these are sweet since they’re made of sweet potato. Canapés are little fingerfoods, often made in geometric shapes, made of a starchy base with savory ingredients draped over.

  • Hoisin Glazed Australian Lamb Shoulder Chops with Stir Fry Noodles

    Australian lamb shoulder chops are glazed with hoisin sauce, braised in an orange juice, soy and ginger and garlic sauce, then tossed with Cellophane noodles, stir fried asparagus and snap peas.