12-Inch Tongs, Teak Wood


SKU: 46565


From best-dressed to toss your own, salads and other delicious dishes get special service, when served with the simple, elegant beauty of the Anolon® Teak Wood Tools 12-Inch Salad Tongs. Because Anolon® is designed for creativity in the kitchen™, even a simple pair of salad tongs becomes an instrument for delicious flavor-making. Each half of these pair of tongs is cut and shaped from a single piece of gorgeously-grained Brazilian teakwood. The two halves are cleverly shaped with spring-action design built right in, and the tongs reverse for easy storage. Beautiful enough for the tabletop and the sideboard, the tongs are finished with food-safe natural oil to protect the wood and enhance its appearance. And each set is uniquely grained, so this isn't just a cooking utensil-it's a work of craft and art. Set this pair of salad tongs from Anolon® alongside a simple toss of baby greens, a fresh, crunchy slaw, and more. The tongs are even perfect for serving roast chicken, poached salmon, baked sweet potatoes, and any food that can use a helpful hand. The tongs are perfect for use with nonstick cookware, and the contoured lines provide comfortable handfeel. Handwashing is recommended to preserve the wood, and the set hangs for beautiful display and convenient storage.

Catch the eye when serving salads, entrées, sides, and many other delicious foods with the beautiful, durable Anolon® Teak Wood Tools 12-Inch Salad Tongs.