5-Piece Knife Set, Black


SKU: 46572


Creative cooks expect the finest cut, and the Anolon® Imperion™ Damascus Steel Cutlery 5-Piece Knife Block Set delivers premium-quality knife performance.
Anolon® Imperion™ Damascus Cutlery features 67 steel and iron layers forged into kitchen knives of uncompromising durability, beauty and performance. Full-tang design ensures that each stone-finished blade extends through the entire handle length for exceptional balance in the hand. Radius-polished spines add strength and stability, and stainless steel half-bolsters enable a fully-sharpened knife edge and larger cutting surface. Sleek dual-rivet handles are fitted with stainless steel end caps for protection and an elegant finish.
The set includes an all-purpose chef's knife, the wide blade well-suited for bigger tasks like trimming tough fennel bulb or shredding Napa cabbage. The length of the bread knife provides firmer control when cutting through crusty, nutty loaves, and the serrated blade bites right into soft-skinned fruits and vegetables. The santoku knife is perfect for cubing, dicing and mincing everything from Vidalia onions to roasted chicken breasts. And the paring knife is the go-to piece for smaller cutting tasks like slicing cremini mushrooms and bananas. Finished with acacia wood, the knife block provides handsome countertop storage and display to keep the blades protected and the cutlery close at hand.

Knife skills in the creative kitchen get a boost from the superb quality and sophisticated design of the Anolon® Imperion™ Damascus Steel Cutlery 5-Piece Knife Block Set.